These Restrictive Club Rules apply from the date of issue and until further notice. SJTC adheres and complies with all the LTA and Government guidelines and expects all members to do likewise. As a member you are deemed to agree and comply with these rules and any infringement will be treated as a disciplinary matter in accordance with the Constitution.

SJTC will ensure that all reasonable measures are taken to provide an environment and playing protocol that complies with the guidance. It is however the responsibility of each member to comply with rules and guidelines. SJTC cannot be held responsible for any issues with reference to COVID-19 or other health matters during any time spent at SJTC.

1. Maximum of 6 people per court. Doubles is now allowed from people from different households. Reasonable social distancing is still expected to be adopted by members

2. All Courts are to be booked through ClubSpark. There is no Club play at present.

3. Max duration for any court booking is 2hrs. We expect members provide a buffer of at least 5mins between each booking. E.g: a booking for 2hrs should complete after 1hr 55mins, ensuring there is a 5min buffer to the next booking.

4. Each court to play with their own set marked balls for play. Please ensure that the balls do not mix with other courts. The balls to be taken with the member who supplied them once the game has finished. This should ensure that any possible transmission is minimised.

5. As per LTA and social distancing ensure that opposite sides of the net are used when changing ends and if any adjustments are required to nets etc – ensure that these are wiped down using the sanitiser equipment provided.

6. Access to all courts will be via the main gates to Courts 1&2. Access to Court 3 will be via this gate and through Courts 1&2. The back corridor will be out of bounds and left for access only to Bowls Club – this will ensure ‘social distancing’ can be maintained.

7. The clubhouse will only be used for following reasons. 1) access to floodlights 2) access to toilet 3) Emergency access for 1st Aid equipment or Defibrillator. No more than 1 person allowed in clubhouse at any one time.

8. A Sanitiser station will be provided at the main gate access to the courts. Please use this to sanitise and clean before playing.

9. All Courtside benches have been removed and off-court space can only be used if strict social distancing is maintained. Members are encouraged not to congregate either before or after games.

10. COVID-19 signage and instructions will be displayed on Club-house door and courtside, please take time to read these.

11. Packs of balls will be available in the shed for use at £4 per tube and pay online to Steve Chilcott. If committee is informed will restock when low.

12. The club is open to members or for lessons with the coach. Coaching only membership is now available although Group coaching will be strictly limited to Coach

+5 members only as per the LTA guidelines. Any new members can have 3 trail “pay and play” sessions before they have to decide to join. Please contact Secretary and Coach for details.

Addendum Rules to apply from: 3rd June 2020 and until further notice