A group of 8 people, all with strong connections to St John’s went to Vale do Lobo in Portugal. We flew from Stansted to Faro airport, hence the transfers were straightforward. Our accommodation was spacious, clean and pleasant. The apartments were two bedroomed, so anyone thinking of going as a single, is able to. This is a popular option on the holiday, as there were a lot of “singles”. The accommodation was about 12 to 15 minutes to the excellent tennis centre and a similar walk to a beautiful beach. 

We had a novel approach to the food, for four nights, each of the four “pairs” cooked once for everyone, this worked very well. The food was excellent and sitting around the table after a hard tennis day was great fun. The other three nights we ate out. The food was reasonably priced, one of the three nights eating out was with virtually the whole group, around 21 people. This included the coaches and organisers. All of whom were excellent. The standard of coaching was outstanding. We had 2 hours a day of coaching (10 in total) and a further 6 hours that were more mixed. We also had the chance to watch a high-level junior tournament and play padel, which is a racket sport that is sweeping the Iberian peninsula. 

Overall, I felt it was extremely good value. After a bit of reflection and dozens and dozens of messages and texts, I think the only conclusion was that the holiday was a great success! If anyone wanted further details or a view from anyone else, please talk to any of us listed below.

Trevor Howard